Sarah’s Adventures in Ukraine

Greetings from Ukraine, everyone!

In the first 7 days, I have:

1. Been stranded at the airport.

2. Been left at the wrong bus stop.

3. Been attacked by bus doors. Twice.

4. Decorated a wedding for people I’ve never met, and then attended the wedding. (Still not sure who those people were, but at least they looked happy!)

5. Been lost in Kiev after midnight.

6. Seen the best fireworks show in my life.

7. Prophesied, blessed, and prayed over to within an inch of my life.

8. Huddled on a bench at 3 a.m. in literally my darkest moment, wondering if/when/where I’ll sleep, and guessing probably the bench.

That bench marks a turning point for me. It was the point where I lost it, wondering exactly why I came, why I ever thought this would be a good idea, and what the hell I was doing here. I considered a certain hobbit and how badly I always wanted adventures of my own. Stupid books, filling young peoples heads with dreams of great deeds, bravery, and adventures. Look where it got me: alone and desolate on a Ukrainian bench at Souls’ Midnight. I watched the moonrise over the roofs, and thought how appropriate the line is “at night the stars put on a show for free”, from my favorite song “Up On the Roof”. And then I got mad, because even in the middle of being miserable, unhappy, and depressed, I still couldn’t hate it here. I kept thinking how beautiful the moon was and how I would never have had that moment otherwise. But not enough to keep me from thinking, “I don’t even care if they kidnap me, as long as they give me a bed.”

I can’t really tell you Ukraine is wonderful. I wish I could. It’s beautiful, fascinating, and crazy. But mostly everything seems dark, dismal, and hopeless, most of all peoples’ eyes. And after all my adventures over the last few days, I was convinced that Kiev, Ukraine was out to get me. I wish I could tell you that everything looked better after I had a shower and a good night’s rest. But it didn’t. Ukraine is still a grumpy, cranky old babushka, who just might smack you with her sack if you twitch funny. But I will tell you, that after I had a shower and a good night’s rest, I somehow found the confidence to pull myself together, and face another Ukrainian day head on.

Until next time, dear friends.