I must say this trip has pretty much been a success as far as my goals were concerned. Some days I think I’ll never be ready to leave, and some days I’m just really, really tired. Some days I think I only see the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to learn in this culture that I could spend my whole life trying and never feel like I was finished. And some days I crave frozen pizza and Doctor Who marathons. Continue reading

A day in Kiev

Greetings from Kiev, everyone!

I’d like to guide you through a typical day in my life here.
I usually wake up, either really early or really late. I wander around the flat zombie style, until I find enough clothes to be presentable on the street. And then I generally go in search of coffee. Everything is so unpredictable here that when someone says, hey let’s hang out tomorrow! I assume that means around 4 pm or so. So in the mornings or early afternoon, I end up at McFoxy (basically McDonald’s, but with a better view). Continue reading