Future Travel Plans

My Dear Readers,

While it’s true that the reason I started this blog was because of my trip to Ukraine in 2012, I have caught the travel bug. I’m sure a whole month in Ukraine will give me plenty of writing material to carry us over to my next big trip… wherever that may be!

Here is a list of all the places I would like to visit:

Ukraine (of course)
Russia (North Caucasus)
Georgia (South Caucasus)
South Korea – Seoul
New Zealand
Arizona – desert, Grand Canyon
New York
Sochi 2014 Olympics
Machu Picchu

And, of course, your ideas and suggestions are always welcome!


12 responses to “Future Travel Plans

  1. I suggest you go to Israel to join Trumpet of Salvation for a couple of weeks. The base now is at hotel Gilgal. That would be a different adventure for you!

  2. You should visit Arizona. The desert always provides a life changing experience with this mass stretches of land and desert life. It reminds you of how different out timeline is compared to our creator’s. Good Luck!!!

  3. Thank you for all the responses and great suggestions! I have been interested in all these places at one point or another; so glad you reminded me. I do hope I can visit all the places on my list someday!

  4. I never been in to many countries , but from my visit to New Zealand i recommend it for you , friendly people & beautiful atmosphere.There is city i wish visited before i return called : ( Queenstown ) in the south island , very beautiful

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