Just Peachy

In response to my previous post (and premature publication mishap), and my recent return from Ukraine, my cousin brought me a gift.

“Don’t laugh,” she said.

Peach Nectar

I’m pretty sure it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. You will hear no more complaining out of me about a land with no concept of peach juice. Not while I know I can get peach nectar!

I drank it (finally) while I wrote this post.

Reintegration or Living in Two Places at Once

Note: I wrote these on two different days. While trying to edit them down in to one post that I wasn’t sure I would ever actually publish, I pressed the button that I thought was “save draft”. It was not. I tried to frantically delete the post before anyone saw. No such luck.

I got enough feedback that I’ve decided to leave my less-than-perfect entries as they are (for posterity, or something). If nothing else they remind me that I’m an imperfect, scatter-brained, accident-prone girl, who obviously doesn’t know “publish” from “save draft”.

I have to laugh at myself a little. I considered these entries too raw and unpolished to be made public. But they do, however, show the progression of my mood honestly, albeit bluntly.

Oh, well. At least life will never be dull. Continue reading