Maybe It’s the Little Things

This morning was grey and icky. I was awake half the night with a cough. I took one look out the window this morning and thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t have changed my ticket after all…” Originally, I was to have left yesterday, but for one reason or another, I pushed my return date back 5 days. Now much more stressed and several hundred dollars poorer, I wondered, “Why exactly did I think that was a good idea?” I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, wrap up in my Ukrainian coat, and brave another moody day in Kiev. I told myself, “I need Wi-Fi. I need Wi-Fi. I need… Oh! Pizza!” Yes, the bakery had pizza again.

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I must say this trip has pretty much been a success as far as my goals were concerned. Some days I think I’ll never be ready to leave, and some days I’m just really, really tired. Some days I think I only see the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to learn in this culture that I could spend my whole life trying and never feel like I was finished. And some days I crave frozen pizza and Doctor Who marathons. Continue reading