Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

Some of you know of my coffee addiction. Back in America, I developed this habit of going and chilling at my favorite coffee shop whenever I felt too busy or overwhelmed. I’m one of the regulars; that is, they know me by drink, if not by name.

Here in Ukraine, they have these little vans with espresso machines in the back and they park them literally on every street corner. It’s a coffee addict’s heaven! There’s one right by my stop where I exit the bus near the metro. So it’s become my habit to buy a cup of coffee every morning when I come McFoxy to use Wi-Fi.

Well, apparently I’ve been by enough that today the barista remembered me and my drink. And then he just started talking to me in Russian: “Where are you from? Are your parents Ukrainian? Did you come to visit?” And I understood and replied in kind. I didn’t even have to make him repeat himself a hundred times.
So today I’m back in my skinny jeans and the barista knows who I am. It feels like home, and it’s gonna be a good day.
So whenever you feel like a fish out of water or an ugly duckling, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee. And remember, eventually something will change, some things for the better.

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