My little world in Kiev

Picture time!


my favorite place so far, church of the resurrection of Christ


my street, Tychiny


my building, I live on the 3rd floor


view from the flat

Okay, I am trying this from a fancy phone. So I hope it works!
I wanted to show everyone where I’m living, so here you go! Let me know what you think! And hopefully more pictures to come.

5 responses to “My little world in Kiev

  1. interesting, I lived on Tychyny street almost right before I moved here. can’t say I miss it 🙂

    beautiful church! I don’t remember it but I was never good at visiting Orthodox cathedrals. I know only Lavra (check it out! they have catacombs with the remnants of some holy people) and a couple more places.


    • Yea, Tychyny is…interesting to be sure. But it’s actually a pretty good location for me, several of my friends live close.

      I want to go to Lavra!!! They told me about it at the church, but I haven’t been brave enough to venture out that far by myself yet.


    • Sarah & Tanya, I wonder….was Lavra the first cathedral we visited on our first time to Ukraine? I remember the catacombs and bodies….and candles, too. Is it near the river across from the Slavutich Hotel? At least that’s what I remember…..


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