Unfinished Business – Kitty

You know that awkward moment when you run into someone you used to know, specifically someone you cared about very deeply. You feel that gap stretching between you wider than the Grand Canyon, deeper than the Mariyana… well, you know what I mean. You realize how much of their life you have missed. It can be quite nostalgic, especially if accompanied by the tune of a popular song in your mind’s ear. Now, imagine there is a language barrier and 5000 miles between you. That’s intimidating. You start to wish you had a Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine.

Unfortunately for my mom, we don’t have one of those. She just has me and my self-taught language skills.

Not long ago, my mother asked if I could look for Kitty, someone she met that fateful first trip to Chernigov, Ukraine in November 2002. Kitty is my mom’s girl, the same as Anzhelika is my girl.

So, I did a search on the same site where I found Anzhelika, and it took me all of 5 minutes to find Kitty. Sometimes I love the internet.

I sent Kitty a short message, basically saying, “Hey, do you remember us?” That sort of thing.

This morning I received a friend request and a reply:

“Hello, my people,  beloved and dear to my heart!!!!!!
I have never forgotten you….I keep my photo of you and your mother in a picture frame…
I am so very happy that you found me! You have left a special mark in my heart.”

Mom said, “My heart is full. Overflowing. Happy, but not a giddy happy. There’s so many emotions; I don’t know which one it is that makes you cry. Maybe all those years of not knowing…”

Sometimes when you reconnect with someone you used to know, you discover that you have carried each other with you in your hearts always. It’s almost as if you never really were apart. You find the giant looming crevice in the earth is really no more than a crack in the sidewalk.

Someday I hope I may be able to tell their whole story, with their permission and more information.  But for now, I am delighted that I was able to help these two, Kitty and Rita, cross the Great Divide.

I am so very honored to be a part of their journey.

Dedicated to Kitty and Rita


5 responses to “Unfinished Business – Kitty

  1. Words cannot begin to describe feelings that I cannot even comprehend….but yet here they are overflowing all the same….tears pouring from my eyes and my heart. Thank you, Sarah, for being a bridge between me and Kitty.

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