6 Weeks and Counting…

Less than 6 weeks until my trip, and things are all coming together. I can’t think of anything really pressing that I have to do.  Except practice Russian. I should probably do more of that since I’m going to be in Ukraine for four weeks.

The time is speeding by very quickly. I meant to post an update a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy that I missed it.

My goal and purpose for this trip is:

1. To reconnect with friends

2. To observe and experience real Ukrainian culture and life

3. To improve my Russian language skills, and hopefully pick up some Ukrainian as well. 

I look forward to making new friends and having more opportunities to travel in the future. And I will be looking into the possibility of working and living there at some point. Or I may love it so much that I’ll just never come back at all!




I would also like to thank my friends and family for supporting and encouraging me while I undertake this endeavor. I would especially like to thank my mom, particularly for not freaking out when I told her I was going by myself for a month, but also for everything she’s done to help. This trip would not be possible without her!

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